There is much confusion surrounding the legislation for the registering of properties available for rental so I would like to do my best to clear this up for you !

The law state that all privately owned properties that are advertised for rental should be registered with the Valencian Tourism board. Once registered, the property should display a plaque bearing the registration number conforming to the criteria they have set to including design, logo, colour and sizes. Above is a sample of the plaque that MUST be displayed.

At this point, I would like to confirm that ALL clients of AsetSpain, are currently registered and conforming to the regulations and you do not need to do anything regarding this registration process.

As for the plaques, I have arranged a very competitive price with a local printer to supply them on a polycarbonate backing and I have also agreed with the Valencian Tourism Board that we do not need to display them on the outside of the property. The plaques will need to be accessible within the property at all times.

Your registration number will be valid for the time that you remain a client of AsetSpain sl.