Along with the usual payment methods we are now able to take payments from our Management Clients by Sepa, formerly known as Direct Debit Payments.  Following new EU directives any regular payments such as management fees (annually) can be charged directly to your bank here in Spain once you have completed the authorization form.  Anyone who wishes to pay the annual fees in this way, should contact me via email on and request an authorization form.  I can send this to you for you to sign and return.  This represents a very simple and very secure way of making payments without any extra charges.

Another new payment method is via PayPal.  We have been using PayPal for many years now and this is also a very secure way of sending payments to us.  This type of payment can be for works, services or for paying for rental properties.  Unfortunately, PayPal does have a small charge for this service of 3.5% but it also means that you (and us) have complete peace of mind and no worries about security and credit card details etc so this does represent a very good option.  A new service form PayPal is now available called PayPal Me.  This basically gives AsetSpain a personalized page within PayPal so that clients can send funds easily, quickly and securely.  If any client wants to send us funds they can simply use the link:

This will take you directly to our page and here you can type in the amount you wish to send and simply follow the instructions.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be guided through the simple set up procedure.  Again, this is very quick, simple and completely free of charge.