Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:    Do I need a Management Service ?
  • A:    Yes. Rental agencies will not let your property unless you have a valid Management Contract.
  • Q:    How do I collect my Rental Income ?
  • A:    Aset will transfer your rental income in to your Spanish bank account within 7 working days of the clients vacating your property.
  • Q:    Does Aset take any security deposits from clients ?
  • A:    Yes. We take a pre-authorisation of 200 euro from the clients credit card or via PayPal. We do not accept bookings from clients who do not have a credit card or PayPal facilities.
  • Q:    Who collects the rental monies ?
  • A:    Aset is responsible for collecting the rental monies and paying it into the owners account less any applicable charges.
  • Q:    Do I need Insurance for the property ?
  • A:    Yes. As a property owner you should have a minimum of buildings insurance but we would also advise that you have a god contents policy to cover your belongings.
  • Q:    Do I need Public Liability Insurance ?
  • A:    Yes. Most good home insurance policies will include Public Liability up to 300,000 euro
  • Q:    Do I need to register my property for rental ?
  • A:    Yes. A new law change means that each owner who wishes to advertise their property for rental must register as being available with the Valencian Tourism Board
  • Q:    Do I pay tax on my rental income ?
  • A:    Yes. Each year your fiscal representative should complete a Non-Residents tax return and in this declaration you should state what rentals you have had and how much money you have received for rentals.
  • Q:    What if I decide not to let my property after a short time ?
  • A:    If you decide that you no longer wish to let your property, simply let us know and we will remove it from our listings. The management contract will continue for the specified period.
  • Q:    Can I advertise my property for Holiday and Long Term Lets ?
  • A:    Yes. At no extra charge we will list your property in both sections of our site to attract clients for both long and short term rentals.

Aset is here to take care of you “The Owner” and to ensure that your interests here in Spain are looked after and cared for. Information costs nothing so if you would like to know more please contact a member of our team who will do their best to help and advise you.


Many companies have lots of hidden charges that you should look out for. You can expect to pay anything between 350€ and 1,200€ per year for your chosen Management Company. Aset charges a flat fee of 350E per year and this includes all the features of our inclusive management package.

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